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In a test by online magazine MCNEWS.COM.AU of Fireblade 929 slip ons,
Roo Racing WON both H.P and torque ratings out of 10 mufflers beating
some very well known and expensive brands!!


Our mufflers suit most late model sport bikes and are designed for
minimum weight and maximum horsepower.

Based around a beautifully moulded PURE carbon fibre shell which gives
them a pure deep sound. Every single one of my mufflers is made by
hand down to each rivet being hand polished and look fantastic.. not
pumped out of a factory by robots.

My pricelist is currently being updated so please
email me if you would
like a price for your model.

All my mufflers are
dyno tested and compare very well with the full
systems, especially in midrange power delivery.

There are a couple of available options depending on the model. I have a
holographic finish over my pure carbon sleeves, round and oval mufflers
and also do a megaphone core for extra power!

To give you an idea of the power our mufflers can make, the ZX14
mufflers made 15HP!!

All of my mufflers are developed with weight, power and sound being the
goals.. I am proud to list and show customer dyno charts to demonstrate
the gains the mufflers make.. these are supplied by my customers and
are not produced for or by myself or altered in any way... You'll find many
manafacturers are hesitant with dyno results or release factory produced
charts.. I have customer before and after dyno charts showing
power with my mufflers than Akropovich and Yoshimura (among others!)

We are, and have been, consistently lighter, more powerful and better
sounding than many other manafacturers on the market.. I do realise that
some people will always buy a "name brand" but I encourage you to
compare our products and not always "believe the hype"!

Custom building service available, choose from eight tube sizes with core
to your spec. My catalogue consists of
dyno charts and photos.

Please feel free to
email me with any questions you may have.